How to donate ?

In order to get your donator token, you have to follow the guide below.
After donation, you will receive your token within 30 minutes.

Important notes - read before donating

  • A token is valid for one (1) game and one (1) machine (computer or VPS) only
  • You can unlink a token from a machine as many times as you want (∞) here
  • You can run an unlimited (∞) number of instances while they run on the same machine, even with the same token
  • The donation is relative in time, the necessary updates will be made so the program is ready for the latest version of the game, there will be no pauses in the donation time. Any doubts, go to our discord.

Step 01

Login to your PayPal account

Click on the following button to open PayPal in a new tab

If you don't have a PayPal account, we have solutions for you.
PM @ProMac on our Discord to know more.

Step 02

Go to Transfers page

Step 03

Go to Send page

Step 04

Input our e-mail address

On the 'Send money to' field, input: Click on 'Next'.

Step 05

Select 'Sending to a friend'

If you don't have 'Sending to a friend' option, don't donate yet.
PM @ProMac on our Discord to get a solution.

Step 06

Input 2€ as the amount of money to send

To allow our automated systems to validate your donation, please copy-paste the following KEY, into the paypal 'Add a note' or 'what's this for?' field


VALIDATE DONATION (click 'Continue') ONLY AFTER SUBMITTING NEXT STEP ! If you don't do such, we will not be able to authenticate your donation and it will be ignored. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE IF THE ERROR COMES FROM YOU.
KEEP THIS KEY on your computer while you didn't received your token.

Click on 'Continue'

Step 07

Finalize your subscription by filling the following form. Once submitted, you will receive your token within 1 hour if you have correctly completed the information.

The BOT you are subscribing for :

Captcha validation :

After validation, you will receive your unique token by e-mail to activate the BOTs.
If you don't receive it within delay, please contact @ProMac on Discord

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